U-BIX Corporation

With over 47 years in the industry, we remain to be progressive and always accountable to the bottom line. Full of ideas and ready to listen, we are always here to provide solutions and bring you excellent products and services that are recognized worldwide. We roll up our sleeves and get things done.

True enough to our commitment, U-BIX evolved into an integrated office system and service provider by acquiring distributorship for Riso Digital Duplicators and Okamura office furniture systems. We also obtained US franchise agreements with Service Master (facilities maintenance and janitorial services), Terminix (termite and pest control products & services) and Merry Maids (home cleaning services). Proud of the growth over the years, we now expanded our office furniture system line to carry a house brand, U-BIX Furniture.

More than all this, U-BIX is known for pioneering the Lifetime Free Service Guarantee and a 2-hour response time guarantee to customer service calls from 7 AM to 7 PM daily. This has later become a set industry standard for service. To date, U-BIX continues to uphold this commitment, which is the very foundation by which the corporate culture is built.

U-BIX Corporation

Bookhaven, Inc.

Not too many know that Bookhaven Inc. is U-BIX's mother company. Fewer still know that it was started on a P2,000.00 capital by its proprietress, Dr. Felina A. Bravo, way back in February 1968. What she lacked in capital was more than compensated by grit and hard work. Months before she started Bookhaven, Mrs. Bravo, then an office employee, spent lunch breaks with the Purchasing Officer of her office, and learned the basic of paper products. Bookhaven began in a rented place in A. Mabini Street, as a book dealer of the Philippine Educational Company and retailer/supplier of office supplies. Two thousand pesos did not allow her to start a business in style. Thus, Mrs. Bravo did the purchasing, selling, and collection activities. Her   assistant was a janitor who helped her with the deliveries. By 1969, the capital grew to P30,000.00. With additional capital of P20,000.00 from Atty. Ike Belo, Mr. and Mrs. Bravo incorporated Bookhaven in February 17, 1969.

The company's main business was supplying copy paper to the leading copier company at the time. Since then, Bookhaven has grown its product lines to include binding and laminating machines, paper shredders, overhead projectors and screens. and mimeographing machines through distributorship agreements with foreign principals.

February 11, 1974 The beginning
Birth of U-BIX

The story of U-Bix began on February 11, 1974 when Enrique “Ike” Belo and Edilberto “Bert” Bravo, both lawyers, decided to expand their business of Bookhaven, Inc.

U-Bix is more than just a business. It is about the dream of its founders to build a company that would not only be financially successful but also one that would endure.

U-Bix Corporation is proud to be the leader in setting industry standards for quality service. U-Bix service commitment  is the guarantee  of a 2-hour response time to address client issues.

Strong Foundation

To better meet its commitment to excellence, the Company broke ground in 1975 for a new plant, warehouse and service facility in Muntinlupa.

This helped establish a strong infrastructure foundation for the manufacture, assembly, service and distribution of the Company’s products across the Philippines.  U-Bix was also granted accreditation by the Philippine Board of Investments, with ‘Pioneer’ status under the Export Incentives Act.

Rising to leadership

As U-Bix Corporation established itself during its early years of operation, it began to develop a reputation for quality products and quality service. By the late-1970s, U-Bix had become the market leader in its industry, accounting for over 4 out of every 10 copiers sold.  This is testimony to the trust that its clients has given to U-Bix and which has allowed it to maintain its leadership through today.


Pioneered putting up mini photo laboratories. Photo development was significantly shortened from 3 days down to 6 hours then eventually to 2 hours.


Central Bank of the Philippines commisioned U-Bix Corporation to reproduce in canvass its original collection of paintings which were exhibited in different regions of the country.

Mark 5

Assembly of Mark 5 model begun.

U-Bix became the Konica distributor in Vietnam

Office Furniture

By the 1990s, U-Bix Corporation had established a solid and growing presence in office equipment. The Company then explored adjacencies that could be synergized with its office machine business.  Office  furniture was a natural   fit. Since 1993, U-Bix has distributed and installed innovative office seating, desks and workstations by Okamura Corporation of Japan to a growing and delighted clientele in the Philippines. U-Bix has expanded into a full scale office system manufacturer and distributor.


Launching of Okamura Office Furniture  Systems at the Manila Golf and Country Club.

Complete Knockdown Partner Assembly

U-Bix ventured into local assembly of printers through a tie-up with Epson Corporation of Japan.

The assembly plant marked an important milestone in the Philippine IT industry, since it was the first time a terminal printer was locally assembled by Filipinos.

Services Is The Business

The service industry was a great opportunity for U-Bix Corporation to leverage its unique service experience and expertise.  In 1996, Facilities Managers, Inc. (FMI) was established as a result of the Licensing Agreement between U-Bix and The ServiceMaster Company, a world-leading service firm based in the USA.  In the year 2001, FMI was further strengthened through its partnership with Aramark Corporation. FMI delivers professional facilities management services for a wide range of clients.

Addition To The Family

U-Bix Corporation realized that it was critical to forge partnerships with companies that shared its commitment to product excellence.  By the end of the decade, U-Bix had expanded its portfolio of excellent products with its agreement to distribute the products of the Riso Kagaku Corporation of Japan.  The Riso Digital Duplicator (known as the Risograph) is a high-speed digital printing system that optimizes print jobs, with faster speeds and at lower cost.

Developing People Through Education

On February 17, 2000, Mr. Bravo initiated the move that led to the establishment of Facilities Management Academy (FMA) . The academy is a Technical-Vocational school accredited by TESDA and supported Facilities Managers, Inc. and other U-Bix subsidiaries by training entry level workers on skills and work values required from service personnel. After training more than 10,000 FMI personnel, FMA was converted into Facilities  Managers College (FMC) in 2008 , subsequently renamed U-Bix Institute of Technology  (UIT) to show its relationship with its parent company U-Bix Corporation. At present, UIT offers four  (4) Baccalaureate Courses.

Regional Office

New building for regional office in Mactan Cebu

Color Copier

U-BIX recently inaugurated its newest Copy Center at the insular Life Bulding in Makati City. Now called The Color Hub, the center aims to highlight its new thrust toward promoting color products. From its candy-colored interiors and hues, to the interesting Mona Lisa posters on the wall, the Color Hub is an appealing center for color activity.

A New Home

As U-Bix Corporation continued to expand, it saw the need to move its headquarters to a new site.  In 2005, the Company established its head office in its own new 5-storey building at 1344 Angono St. in Makati City. The new facility allowed U-Bix to better meet the needs of its growing business.

Production Printer

U-Bix supported the printing industry in providing competitive solutions and the most advanced technologies through its reliable and high performance printing and copying machines. U-Bix holds true to its commitment of being a total solutions provider for the printing and copying requirements of any business.

The Print Philippines  2005 Exhibition , where U-Bix Corporation participated as a major exhibitor held at the Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC). A total Printing and Graphic Arts Show of two of the country’s biggest printing organizations, the Printing Industries Association of the Philippines (PIAP) and the Philippine Printing Technical Foundation (PPTF).

Building Solid Partnership


U-Bix Corporation has been appointed the exclusive distributor of Konica Monilta digital copiers in the Philippines. This came on the heels of a historic merger between the two giants in the imaging business, Konica Coporation and Minolta Co. Ltd., and the birth of a new corporation, Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc. in October 2003.

Commitment to Quality

Quality is fundamental to U-Bix Corporation.  In 2006, U-Bix was successfully certified as meeting the stringent quality management system standards for ISO9001:2000. This certification was subsequently upgraded to ISO9001:2008 in 2010 then, ISO9001:2015  in 2018,  confirming that U-Bix consistently demonstrates the ability to provide products and services that meet customer needs, and continually works to improve its customers’ satisfaction.

Digital Imaging Center

After establishing itself as a leading provider of copiers and printers, other document-related niches indicated attractive opportunities.  In 2007, U-Bix acquired the Kodak Imaging Center operation of Kodak Philippines.  Now called the U-Bix Imaging Center (UIC), the new division has become a leading provider of end-to-end data conversion, digitization and document management services. A key element of UIC’s offerings is DOCUVU, a robust document management system designed to make search and retrieval easy for users.

Service Excellence

With the growth of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies in the country, U-Bix was recognized  by the Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) Procurement Council as the Top Pick Awardee for Quality Excellence for two consecutive years.

Partnership with Bencab

U-Bix Corporation has partnered with Bencab, the country’s foremost National Artist for Visual Arts.

Their collaboration highlighted their commitment for quality in business and in art.

Corporate Vision

To be the leader in providing office products and services and to deliver them to our clients at the highest possible standards of quality. 

Quality Policy

We are committed to satisfy our customers’ products, services and all applicable requirements of the highest quality through continuous improvement of our management system.

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